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Condominium Corporation Management - New Service Alert!

Written By: Shamon Kureshi Published: Mon, Sep 22 at 2:42pm
Condominium Corporation Management - New Service Alert!

Calgary Condominium Management by Hope Street.

Hope Street is an industry leading property management company serving the greater Calgary area with Condo management, rental management, and MLS sales services. Our goal is to provide the best condo management Calgary has to offer. We engage a thorough and attentive set of process and management practices aimed to:
Assist boards with day to day condo management tasks.
Deal with all aspects of Condo maintenance, repairs, capital upgrades, and facility maintenance.
Provide attentive and diligent, dedicated Condo management personnel to assist condo residents with any and all items related the to management of their Condo development.
Regularly attend and manage Condo board meetings, AGM's, and regularly scheduled management meetings. Set up and schedule regular Condo inspections.
Administer the delivery and distribution of Condo documents and certificates to residents and other parties. Assist the with management of Condo budgeting and capital forecasting.
Provide management services for all matters relating to financial administration of Condo corporations, electronic fee payments, accounts payable, and follow up.
We are an award winning Calgary condo management company!

Dedicated Calgary Condo Managers

Hope Street provides a dedicated onsite or offsite Condo manager to act as a single point of contact for all Condo board management issues, administrative aspects, or financial issues. Our condo board clients can sleep easy knowing that their interests are being represented by a full time, assigned manager who will take the time to get to know each building, board, and understand the needs, responsibilities, and intricacies of your Condo community!

Calgary's Condo Management Company of Choice.

Hope Street was named "Canadian Property Management Firm of the Year 2014" by the editors of Canadian Real Estate Magazine. Our Calgary condo managers pride themselves on the level of service provided, which is second to none!

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