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The Ultimate Guide for New Landlords

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Is Renting Your Home Right for You?

If you are thinking about renting out your home for the first time, we know that it can seem a little scary. Bad tenants, unexpected expenses, and confusing tenancy laws are only some of the worries that can keep new landlords up at night. We have prepared this free guide to show you how to avoid some costly mistakes and to help you set yourself up for success.

What's in the Guide?

A proven screening process with red flags to watch for

The insurance coverage you need to protect yourself

What you need in a move-in report to avoid profit-loss

An inspection checklist to maintain the quality of your home

A guide to pricing your rental correctly

The investment decisions you will face as a landlord
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Avoid the Common Pitfalls

If you want to avoid the surprises new landlords often experience, this guide is our gift to you. It’s just a taste of how we help our customers rent to lucrative tenants for more money and without the worry.

Discover how landlords like you, protect their investment with Hope Street!

“My husband and I rented our house a few years ago to somebody whom we thought were nice, and we couldn’t have been more wrong. To make a long story short, we had a terrible experience and got stuck with about $5,800 worth of damage to the house. Our second time around, we were way more careful and met with the Hope Street people - they were great and showed us a few great tricks that tenants play when they are trying to pull one over on us. We’ve had Hope Street manage our place for about 3 years now and couldn’t recommend them enough, they are great!”

- Marcie Stratton, Edmonton AB.

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