Become an Armchair Landlord

Save Management Hassles

Rent to Lucrative Corporate Tenants

Avoid Tenant Disasters

Now more than ever - renting your home to the wrong tenants can be a nightmare, but at Hope Street, we help busy homeowners manage their rentals and become Armchair Landlords
who sleep easy.

Our job is to help you make your rental property a success, and
this ain’t our first rodeo :

Offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Over 2000 properties under management.

10,000 tenants successfully screened.

What Do You Have on the Line?

The average cost of a rental disaster is $17,200 and 94% of victims are busy, first time Landlords
(Canadian Real Estate Magazine, Nov. 2018)
Renting to responsible, professionally screened tenants on the other hand, is a safe and profitable experience.
Rent your home through Hope Street and we will help you:

Save Time

You won’t have to use up your valuable time finding or managing your tenants.

Gain Peace of Mind

You will sleep easy knowing your property is safe and protected.

Earn Good Money

Earn premium rental rates. You will get paid, on time like clockworks.

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What Will My Property Rent For?

Get a free online rental rate evaluation. Answer a few questions about your property, and we will email you an accurate, same-day rental rate evaluation.
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Curious about our Rates?
Download our PDF rate card and Infopack. Our Rates

Improved ROI

Minimize Rental Risks

Lucrative Corporate Tenants

Get the First Month of Management FREE

Being a Landlord can be easy! Save BIG on management in Alberta. Sign-up and get the FIRST MONTH FREE! Offer ends 11/30!
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Download your free guide: The 5 Most Common Mistakes New Landlords Make.

Rent your home with confidence. Learn how to dodge costly mistakes and set yourself up for success.
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Emergency Funding Relief for Landlords and Tenants

Access all the Emergency Financial Relief available to Landlords and Tenants in one place.
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How to Stay Safe & Keep your Rental Earning Through COVID-19

Create a safe environment for prospective tenants and learn how to combat infection during showings, tenant move-in, and more.

Our CEO’s News

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We Find Great Tenants so You Don’t Have to.