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Where to Access Emergency Funding

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How to keep your rental safe during a crisis

When your tenant experiences a layoff, income shortage, or health issues, as a Landlord, you want to be there to support them while safeguarding your pocketbook and health. We have prepared a free guide, with all the information in one place, for emergency financial support for landlords and tenants. We are here to help you and your tenant remain informed, healthy, and thrive during this time of crisis.

What's in the Guide?

Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Relief Programs

Mental Health and Health-link Information

Local Support for Calgary, Edmonton & Vancouver

Keeping Landlords Updated During COVID-19

We help landlords and tenants stay informed with the latest funding updates that apply to Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Surrounding Areas.

We Help Landlords Thrive

“Thanks very much for your update, it’s great to know you guy got my back”

Hubert Chan, North Vancouver, BC

“All you are doing is good, the entire team makes me feel comfortable during crisis”

H. Yanovich, Calgary, AB

“Thank you. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of landlords as well as tenants.”

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