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We Get Paid When You Get Paid

You will be assigned to a dedicated agent to place your new tenant from start to finish. There is no cost to get started - start saving time today!


Best for the self-managed landlord who only needs tenant screening and leasing services.

Leasing Only $1,495 / Special Offer

Compare at One Month’s Rent, Expires June 30th, 2021

Professional Advertising
Prompt Showing Service
Professional Tenant Screening
Professional Leasing Contract
Tenant Insurance Verification
Move-In Inspection
Digital Move-In Report with Photos
Security Deposit Collected
First Month’s Rent Collected


Best for the armchair landlord who wants to free up their time with a dedicated rental management team.

Full Management 8% / Monthly Rent

Plus Half Month’s Rent for Leasing Fees

Leasing Only Package PLUS
Online Client & Tenant Portal
Rent Collection & Accounting
Maintenance & Inspections*
Tenancy Support Team
Move-Out Inspection
Digital Move-Out Report with Photos
Lease Renewals*
Landlord Insurance Preferred Rates*
Non-Resident Tax Services*

* Additonal fees may apply

Want to secure the promo for your rental’s availability date?

Sign-up by June 30th to save on leasing. We extend the offer and apply the promotional rate for when your rental becomes available in 2021.

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Lease Renewals

Like the tenant you have? We can take care of the renewal process.

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Tenant Move-Out

No more security deposit hassles. We can take care of the move-out from start to finish.

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Can you screen a tenant I found myself?

Is it free to cancel?

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Can you help with the move-out inspection & security deposit disputes?

Can I sign-up for management with an existing tenant?

Do you offer maintenance?

What is your screening process?

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