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One of the greatest things we have accomplished is making Hope Street a great place to work where people thrive.

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I have been with Hope Street for a decade now and I can honestly call the people I work with my second family. They have been with me through my citizenship ceremony, my first home purchase and basically every big moment in life for the past 10 years. The amount of opportunities, mentorship, knowledge and people skills I've acquired in this job is unparalleled. All this, while constantly doing fun outings, team building activities and sticking it out with the team like family. If you are hired, you can definitely consider yourself the lucky applicant.
I think what I really enjoy about Hope Street is when I tell my friends about how much fun we have they can't believe it. I have come from a very old school work environment and it has taken some time, but I am learning that I am trusted to do my job. We work hard and we support each other with a very wide girth for learning and the best training I have ever had on a job. We are also encouraged to work as a team and to speak our mind to our bosses at any time. What we say is taken really seriously. Also, our lives are taken very seriously, we genuinely care about each other and our bosses encourage life balance and are understanding that our families need us too. Also: FOOD
Hope Street offers a flexible schedule and a supportive work environment.

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