Rupinder Deol

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Rupinder Deol
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October 14, 2016

Rupinder Deol is a multi-skilled entrepreneur and a successful realtor currently working with Hope Street in Calgary. He was born and raised in India but have been living in Calgary for the past 25 years. Being a licensed realtor for more than 10 years and a home builder since 2011, Rupinder has helped many people realize their dreams by helping them buy and sell properties, building a house for them or conducting a renovation/repair. He likes being creative and making a positive contribution to the society to make the world a better place for everyone. Apart from real estate, he has a passion in working with computers, learning about new technologies. He enjoys working with people, is very sympathetic to the poor and often donates money to charities such as the Alberta Children's Hospital, Canadian Red Cross, Khalsa Aid International along with other occasional private donations. In addition, Rupinder is a family man and a proud father. Both of his sons play ice hockey.